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Jewish Home Cooking





Arthur Schwartz's Jewish Home Cooking: Yiddish Recipes Revisited
Ten Speed Press, 2008 288p. 

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Praise for Jewish Home Cooking:

"Arthur Schwartz's Jewish Home Cooking helps make sense of the beautiful chaos, with a deep and affectionate examination of New York's Jewish food culture, refracted through the lens of what he calls the Yiddish-American experience ... His stories about New York food ways are learned and funny.  Amid them, he offers definitive, simple and deadly affective recipes." - Sam Sifton, New York Times Book Review

"It's easy to imagine Arthur Schwartz, award winning food writer and master maven of New York City dining, atop a Manhattan skyscraper singing "Tradition" in his most Tevya-like style.  ... instead, he wrote an affectionate, wonderfully informed ode, liberally salted with stories, to your Eastern European food that came here with the "huddled masses" of Jewish immigrants." - Sybil Pratt,


"Schwartz, aka The Food Maven, delivers digestible history and recipes written as though he were at a cook's side, talking her through each step. " - Bonnie S. Benwick, The Washington Post


"Updated versions of historic dishes." - Kathie Smith, The Toledo Blade


Sample Recipes
Vegetarian Chopped Liver   Kasha Varnishkes
Sweet and Sour Potted Flanken   Potato Kugel
Pareve Apple-Walnut Cake      
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